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A lot of culture is being done in Slovakia. Almost every week a cultural festival is celebrated in one of the villages in the area. There are people in traditional costumes who make music and perform old crafts. Also competitions with, for example, horses are held here. If there is a festival nearby, then we will state that on the bulletin board.


In the area are some large and small towns that are worth visiting. Such as Zvolen, a pleasant shopping city, Banska Stiavnica, a city protected by UNESCO.  Also world cities such as Bratislava and Budapest can be easily reached from Modrá Farma. At Modrá Farma we have a lot of information about these cities, sights, events and activities, feel free to ask us for more information.


There are many museums in the area. Many are about the origin of the money and about the first and second world war.


Places of interest that you can visit. Here we mention a few of the many options.

Old forest

The forest was planted by a Hungarian tsar. The old oak trees are more than 200 years old.

Pusty hrad.

(The abandoned fort) Is the oldest fort in zvolen. It covers 7.6 hectares and was one of the largest fortresses in Slovakia. It is a nice walk but also a steep climb to the top. The view is definitely worth it.

Hronsek Kostel

This is a wooden church protected by UNESCO. The church is entirely made of wood, so no nail has been used. Very worthwhile, really traditional Slovak.

Harmanenecka Jaskina

These caves are known for its white drip stones. After a walk of 40 minutes zigzagging up you will come to the entrance of the cave. There are guided tours every hour.

Svätý Anton

A castle from 1744. From a rich family. It is known for its annual symbols. The 4 entrances symbolize the 4 seasons, 12 chimneys for the months, 7 arcades for the days of the week, 52 rooms and 365 windows. It is still furnished with very nice furniture from that time.

Zvolensky zámok

The castle was built by the Hungarian king Ludovicus as a hunting lodge. Since then it has been reconstructed several times. It can be visited and there are always changing exhibitions.


Lots of the opportunities for walkers from and close to the campsite.

There are many options for hiking. From the campsite there are short but also longer routes. Some routes are marked with a GPS that you can borrow, so the chance of getting lost is small.

After a short drive by car you will arrive at the pol’ana, an old volcano with beautiful nature. Here you can walk for hours on marked routes.


The Slovak Paradise.

Not challenging enough? If you drive a little further you will arrive at Slovak Paradise. The name says it all, it’s like walking in paradise. The routes are also well laid out, but they are more spectacular and harder to do


There are plenty of challenges for sporty cyclists.

Cycling and mountain biking are also possible. The area is a little bit hilly, with forests and meadows. So there are beautiful places and panoramas to discover.


Canoeing / rafting on the Hron river.
Depending on the number and experience of the participants, we go canoeing or rafting on the river. The river Hron has difficulty level 1, which means easy and suitable for beginners. If the children can swim, they can also come.