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For information in Slovakia, call the number: +421 9 49757145

For information in English or German call: +421 (0) 9 08528884 or+421 (0) 915077988


Traveling with navigation

If you travel with a navigation system, be carefull!
Pliešovce is a city. Zajezova is a village. There are no streetnames and the numbers are randomly. Your navigationsystem allso does not know the quality and gradient of the roads. We advise you to use our directions for the last part of your  journey. (on top of this page)

GPS coördinates

There are lots of different ways to display GPS coordinates. Each brand navigation system has its own specific way of entering this data. Thus there is no standard for GPS data. We restrict ourselves to the most common formats.

48.456390, 19.243889 Degrees (DD.dddddd°)

N 48 27.383, E 19 14.633 Degrees, minuts (DD°MM.mmm’)

N 48 27 23, E 19 14 38 Degrees, minuts, seconds (DD°MM’SS.s”)

Google maps?

Pay attention!! Toll roads in Slovakia!

Since 2016, the payment method has changed for the toll on highways of Slovakia. There is now E-toll.

There are now two options:

1. At the first petrol station

At the first petrol station when you enter Slovakia you can buy an E-toll vignette. You don’t buy a sticker but your license plate is being registered. At the gas station, tell the employee your license plate and your mobile phone number. As proof of payment you will receive a text message on your mobile phone. This should be displayed on any traffic control when the police askes for it.

2. By the Internet.

Go to the internetpage: https://eznamka.sk/en/ First choose your language. Then choose how long you want a vignette, and pay with your credit card. Take care that the starting date is standard “today”. You might want to change it to a later date. Caution! If your car plus trolley or caravan have more weight then 3500 Kg you will need a second vignette. One for the car, and also one for the caravan or trolley. For a motorbike you also need to pay tol.


The prices are the same in both options. However, buying at the gas station is tricky with the Slovak language. The website is also available in English, German and other languages.

Driving directions

From Bratislava go direction Zilina. You ‘re driving at the E75 – M15.

Next you need to turn to the E75 – D1. This is also the direction Zilina and Trencin

Take the exit to Nitra – Zvolen. This is the R1.

Afther Nitra go direction Zvolen.

In Zvolen folow direction Sahy/Kosice. The 66 – E77.

Take care!! Some navigationsystems want you to go though a mountain pass just before Zvolen. This is a very beautiful route but after 1300 Kilometers it might not be such a pleasant choice. Especially with caravans.

Youre driving through several villages.

After Dobra Niva Folow Sasa / Velky Krtis

Still folow Velky Krtis (V. krtis)

Folow Slatinske lazy (s.lazy)

Be carefull. After this sign go left.

After this sign at the left side of the intersection there is the first sign “Dobra luka”.

Sign at the left side of the road. Go left.

Go right. and folow the signs “Dobra luka” to the camping

Success! Margo and Mark

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